Other Useful information:

This is a process. Some of it is experienced 1-1, and some of it in groups. Here are some top tips for getting the most out of becoming a Warrior Master:

  • Once you subscribe, within 48 hours you’ll receive a welcome email including your Coaching contract, and a links for booking your individual and group sessions.
  • You only have to do one Enrolment session per year – with Warrior Masters, you gain more choice in the sessions you attend. 
  • Respect yourself and others. Be present in the space, and be active in creating a safe and supportive environment for all. 
  • Your membership is more than a fee; it’s an investment in yourself. The return can only match the investment; so don’t be passive. 
  • Group sessions can be up to 9 Warriors, but have no minimum. 
  • Notifications are a distraction! We will ask you to ensure that all notifications are turned off (on all devices in the area), and other apps closed.
  • Physical environment whilst on Zoom can also be a distraction. Find a quiet, private space: this helps create confidentiality for you and others.
  • Time Keeping is important. To ensure everyone is getting the most from the space, we have a 5 minute late limit which will prevent you from joining the session.The booked session will be deducted from your membership allowance. 
  • If you need to withdraw from an Individual or Group session, you must cancel 48 hours before the session. Failure to do so may result in the session being deducted from your membership allowance.
  • Be accountable – use your sessions or lose them, they don’t carry over into your next year.