What is Creative Warriors?

Creative Warriors is a community for creative industry professionals seeking challenge, and ready to break some rules. 
Members have access to a series of coaching based experiences, and our Warrior Camp.

There are 4 tribes of Warrior, each representing a fundamental mastery to support you in the arts sector today.

Each Warrior tribe has been purposefully designed to creatively celebrate the beliefs and legends of each group, respectfully honouring their powerful namesakes. Each develops important practices, tools and techniques to explore and shape the Warriors future. 

There is Warrior potential in us all. 
Embrace it to create the world you want. 

Unite in the movement: unleash your Creative Warrior.

How it works

There are two pathways to becoming a Creative Warrior:

Warrior Masters

Every Warrior Master is hard core dedicated to their journey, which begins with their BONUS group Departure session. They have full access to the Warrior’s Camp, and depending on their journey style (Embark, Realise or Transform), they also benefit from a number of Tribe and Solo sessions to support them across their 12 months subscription.

The Solo Warrior

Here, each Warrior has more greater flexibility over how and when they engage their development as a Creative Warrior. There is no fixed term, and you sign up to Warrior’s Camp, Tribe and Solo sessions on an as-you-want-them basis. 

Warrior Glossary

Warrior’s Camp is the community space for all Warriors to meet, connect and share. United, our Warriors support each other with accountability for challenge and development and champion each others successes through their journey. 

Solo sessions are booked around group sessions and your life commitments, and when is most useful to your progression, thinking or challenge.

Tribe sessions are experienced as a group. These are structured and facilitated to support you in moving thinking and understanding forward. They vary in content and style, each with a particular focus.

Tribe Status is gained when you successfully complete all 4 Tribe sessions from a single Tribe in a consecutive 12 month period. 


What coaching is: 

  • an space of empowerment and action
  • a space for connecting with yourself, your world and others
  • a space for focusing on your future
  • a space for exploring and discovering
  • a space for challenging the internal and external 
  • a space for turning ‘failure’ into feedback
  • a space for mobilising 


What coaching is not: 

  • a space for being passive
  • a space of mentorship – at no point will you get handed a solution. You’ll use tools to help you find the solution that is right for you. Doing the work is up to you! 
  • a space of therapy or counselling – whilst we might dip into the past to challenge older beliefs, we won’t linger there.